Pre-Treatment System

Pre-Treatment System

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Tea extract is to get the tea’s active ingredient by soaking the tea leaves in the hot water. The aim of the tea extract is to get the tea’s active ingredient efficiently while at the same time keeping the tea’s original color, smell and taste, as well as preventing the ingredient that muddies the tea from coming out.

The first extraction is low temperature extraction. The aim is to preserve the original taste of the tea and have the heat sensitive ingredient dissolved in the solvent. The second extraction is high temperature extraction. The aim is to extract the active taste ingredient. During the process, non-polyphenols may come out from the tea leaves and muddies the tea soup. Through the control of extract parameters, this can be resolved.

The extracted tea needs to be purified to get rid of the impurity, gelatin, and non-polyphenols macromolecular compound to prevent the tea from becoming muddy or precipitant. Two purified means are available, low temperature settling method (by high speed centrifugal) and membrane separation method (by ultra-filtration). These methods can be used separately or together.

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