Preparation System

Preparation System

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The concentrated juice should be reinstituted before preparation. Adding the right amount of water makes the condensed juice pre-dissolved and diluted, then sent to the blending rank, add syrup/other accessories and water, then being blended and get constant volume.

The dissolving is divided into hot preparation and cool preparation. For hot preparation, the preparation tank is equipped with a heat preservation device.

The volume of the preparation tanks is decided by the capacity and production batch. Usually there are three tanks. Tank 1 feeds material to the filling machine, tank 2 prepares and detects material, tank 3 is for CIP cleaning. 3 tanks switch in turn. If tank’s volume is enlarged, 2 tanks are enough.

Preparation System includes the following assistant equipment:

  • feeding pump
  • filter
  • pipes & valves
  • converting plate

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