Linear Blow Molding Machine

Linear Blow Molding Machine

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Linear blow molding machine is used for normal PET bottles and heat-resistant PET bottles. It with reasonable structure, small occupation, low power and gas consumption and high efficiency. It complies with the national food hygienic standards. It is a good choice for small and medium capacity beverage production line.

Technical features:
The machine is operated by touch screen. It shows, production capacity, shift output account, fault notice, etc. Otherwise, it with the functional of count fault time, fault reason to meet human computer conversation. Specially designed second blowing system ensures the quality of the bottle. The heat exchanger is of 7-section infrared temperature adjusting control, digital automatic temperature adjusting and voltage regulation system. The heating temperature could be set according to customer’s performance needs. Otherwise, the machine contains software pack for all types of bottles and is equipped with fully automatic preform unscrambler and preform elevator.

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