Homogenizing and Degassing System

Homogenizing and Degassing System

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The cloudy beverage needs to be processed through high pressure homogenizing operation which could arrange the constitutes well-distributed and enhances the beverage’s physical stability and taste.

Homogenizer is a piston pump. The fluid flows through valve seat and valve core at a high speed, and the fluid is crashed superfine through cutting and high-velocity jetting.

The homogenizing pressure for the juice is 40-60MPa. The equipped homogenizer is the first class domestic brand. Purpose for the degassing is to keep the material from oxidizing, but at the same time the fragrant material may be disposed, so a fragrant material reclamation plant is needed. Homogenizing and degassing are taken on after the material is heated. Usually the device is set after the pre-heating section of UHT.

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