CIP System

CIP System

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CIP system is to clean the place that has contact with the material. The cleaning area includes inside surface of the tank, pipe and material tank and other places that the material passes. CIP system is composed of detergent storage tank, acid and alkali supply device, heating device, process pump, reflux pump, pipes, and steam valves.

The main parameters of CIP system is the detergent’s categories, viscosity, temperature and velocity of flow. The alkali is usually of NaOH, acid is usually of nitric acid or phosphoric acid, the viscosity is 1-3%. After heating, the velocity of flow is 1.5-3m/s.

There are usually 3 detergent storage tanks: acid tank, alkali tank and hot water tank. According to the cleaning aim, the tanks could be classified as single circuit, two-circuit, multi-loop, etc,. The automatic CIP system is able to automatically take on the detergent measuring and keep the detergent in the certain temperature. The cleaning procedure is set previously, then taken on automatically.

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