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Aqua Vita is your one-stop shop for bottled water and flavored water equipment, providing custom solutions for every stage of the water bottling process–from purification, to filling, to packaging–and everything in between.

High-speed, smooth-flowing bottling and packaging equipment is available for water, juice, tea, beer, wine, carbonated beverages (soda, sparkling water), dairy and other beverages.

Start-up bottling plants large and small benefit from our A to Z complete facility design service and excellent customer support. Existing and expanding bottling facilities may choose to integrate our flexible components–a financially-responsible and smart way to increase profitability over time.

With state-of-the-art manufacturing products that cover the whole production line, Aqua Vita delivers complete, tailored turn-key bottling systems that include:
water pretreatment: including water distillation, reverse osmosis, water purification systems, deionization
blow molding/custom bottle shaping: including PLA bottles, PET bottles, personalized water bottles, rotary and linear
bottling supply system: including rotary blow molding, linear blow molding, and bottle unscrambler
conveying system: including bottle warmer, bottle sterilizing, showering/cooling, robot caser, four bar link caser
filling system: including assorted beverage bottlers, aseptic, hot, ultra clean, bottling water, barreled water, CSD, glass beer, PET beer, can beer
downstream systems: including low-level palletizer, shrink-wrapping system, custom packaging

Please refer to the links for more information about each stage of processing, and the bottling machinery that is available for each, including:

  • vapor compression distillers
  • reverse osmosis systems
  • bottle washers
  • blow molders
  • bottle filling machines
  • bottle cappers
  • custom packaging machines

For more information or to speak directly to a bottling equipment expert, use our Skype link above, or contact us here.

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