Barreled Water Filling

Barreled Water Filling

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Products applied for: pure water, mineral water, etc.
Containers applied for: 5 gallon(18.9L)
Production capacity:300BPH-2000BPH


  • The machine integrates rinser, filler and capper together.
  • The machine is of stainless steel, resisting corrosion and easy to clean.
  • The main electrical components and gas circuit elements are all of international brand
  • Water pump is Nanfang, Hangzhou (Grundfos is available)
  • Nozzle is America’s Spraying System Company’s technology.
  • Robot (ABB or KUKA from Europe):
  • Automatic bottle load
  • Barrel rinser
  • Filler
  • Capper (cylinder type or pedrail-type)

According to the customer’s requirement, the machine can be equipped with automatic cap separator, automatic leakage inspector, barrel washer, automatic cap loader, shrink wrapper, etc.

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