• Robot Caser
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    Description: To establish a highly efficient working flow, we designed a best robot solution for the customer. Technical features: Bottle belt is in accordance with the main machine or all machines are on line control. Buffering platform could be set before the labeler (the buffering time is about 2-3 minutes) according to the customer’s need….

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  • Showering and Cooling System
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    Description: The system uses hot water showering and cooling gradually by 5 steps. The system is equipped with CI dosing pump, which can adjust the CI volume according to the water supply. Water is heated by steam and left to the tank after using and recycled by showering pump. If the hot water exceeds the…

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  • Bottle Tilting Sterilizing System
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    Description: Pour hot filling bottle conveyor production line, in accordance with the technological features, developed their own special supporting equipment production line, the device will be the product after filling and capping roll, using the high temperature product itself, in a certain period of time, a cap secondary sterilization, to ensure product quality. Products in…

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  • Bottle Warmer
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    Description: If the carbonated drink is filled in summer’s room temperature which is much higher than the usual carbonated drinks filling temperature (4-10℃), moisture in the air will be condensed on the bottle which will bring trouble to the downstream packaging. So, after the filling machine, there must be a bottle warmer to heat the…

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  • Can Beer Filling
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    Description: Main components of the can beer filling line are rinsing, filling-seaming monoblock, tunnel sterilizing machine and conveying system. The key machine is filling and seaming monoblock which synchronizes with filling machine. The liquid level is stable and the oxygen content is decreased. Through a few simple adjustments, it could handle different cans. The special…

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  • Pet Bottle Filling
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    Description: PXGF series is for PET bottle beer filling. The capacity is from 5000BPH to 36000BPH. Machine’s features: It is based on the PET bottle filling technology. It adopts external long tube filling valve. CO2 replaces air in the PET bottle so that the oxygen in the bottle is largely decreased. As the spraying nozzle…

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  • Glass Bottle Beer Filling
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    Description: According to glass bottle beer package process requirement, Aqua Vita developed the lasting glass bottle beer packaging equipment, which can provide complete and high efficiency beer filling production line for beer breweries. Machine’s features: Filling valve adopts high precision mechanical filling valve, with the character of no bottle, no vacuum pumping. External mechanical valve…

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  • Carbonated Soft Drinks Filling
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    Description: Product applied for: cola, carbonated water, soda water, etc. Suitable for: PET bottles with all volumes and shapes Filling system: isobaric filling Production capacity: 5000BPH—40000BPH Technical features: The air conveyor is directly connected with bottle-in starwheel. The bottle is transferred by neck holding. High speed filling line is of clamp transferring technology. Bottle shapes…

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  • Barreled Water Filling
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    Description: Products applied for: pure water, mineral water, etc. Containers applied for: 5 gallon(18.9L) Production capacity:300BPH-2000BPH Features: The machine integrates rinser, filler and capper together. The machine is of stainless steel, resisting corrosion and easy to clean. The main electrical components and gas circuit elements are all of international brand Water pump is Nanfang, Hangzhou…

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  • Bottling Water Filling
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    Description: Applied for: pure water, mineral water, etc. Suitable for: PET bottles with all volumes and shapes Filling system:gravity filling Production capacity:5000BPH—48000BPH Technical features: It is adopted that direct connection between air conveyor and inlet starwheel instead of screw and conveyor chains, which is easier for bottle changing. There is no need to adjust the…

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