Conveying System

Conveying System

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The working efficiency of the production line is largely decided by the conveying system. When there is occasional stop on the downstream packaging system (e.g. label change), the forepart of the production line cannot be effected. At the same time, the transferring system must connect the equipment in the forepart and rear part well. Aqua Vita’s product is of good rigidity, light weight and good exchanging ability. It is applied for bottles whose diameter is 40-110 mm.

Non-pressure conveying system enables the multi conveying lines to become single conveying lines during work. The electric control system adopts PLC to control the running of filled bottle conveying, to realize the automatic speed accelerating or slowing and automatic buffering.

Technical features:
Bottle belt is in accordance with the main machine or all machines are on line control. Buffering platform could be set before the labeler (the buffering time is about 2-3 minutes) according to the customer’s need. When the label is changed, as there is a buffering period, the filling machine in the foreparts do not need to stop as the buffering platform would be performed as a storage place. When the label is changed already, the labeler will label the bottles in the buffering platform at a high speed and come to work in accordance with the other machines.

The transferring belt is of modules design. The spares have strong interchangeability. The belt is easy to repair and maintain with contact structure and low noise, able to handle different bottles. The design of electric control is reasonable and advanced. The electric elements and control way could be selected according to the customer’s need.

The control switch is located according to the conveying system’s layout and the customer’s need. The main parts of the machine are of stainless steel, chain technology is of REXNORD. Producers of the motor and reduction box are joint ventures. Main electric elements are all from SIEMENS.

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